Writer Guidelines


We are pleased you have interest in writing for The North Star Monthly. For your information, I have listed some of our editorial considerations below:

Deadlines are always the 15th of the month.  Writing should be sent by email to info@northstarmonthly.com

  • If we think your article is appropriate for publication but don’t have room in a particular issue, we will ask your permission to keep it until space opens up in the future.
  • We reserve the right to edit an article for grammar, spelling and style if necessary but make every effort not to change the “voice,” intent or context of the writing.  Cutting an article for space purposes is always a possibility; a 1,500 word feature article is the typical maximum length we publish, however, exceptions are made. Please contact us about your needs as we believe that an article should find its own length above or below some predetermined limit. Two other thoughts: 1. Within the parameters of available space we prefer story richness over the contemporary and questionable trend to abbreviate to short bursts of highly summarized information. 2. Generally there is a reason why the story is being told at this time. Let us and the reader know why that is. Finally, good photos improve any story when it is printed. Perhaps we can help with photography. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  • We look for story ideas in the intentionally loose categories of people, places, things, institutions and examples of change. Maybe you’ll find one there, too.
  • Headline suggestions are welcome, but we reserve the traditional right of the editor to write our own.
  • For the most part, we prefer to print non-fiction; occasionally we publish poetry. We also are pleased to receive good photos with captions and historical material.
  • All writing submitted by a free-lance writer will be given a by-line and is considered as the property of the author. We assume, unless we are told otherwise, that material submitted has not been published before and that we have the opportunity to publish it for the first time within the limitations of our monthly schedule.

Payment will be made upon publication.