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Letters from Readers

The Vermont education board is doing some serious backpedaling after the public uproar over their latest proposed regulations.  The proposed r… Read more

I get Ed Guest’s shock and disappointment about the recent election.  Many, many feel the same way.  I can agree with many of his comments. Read more

In the latest issue of the North Star, Mr. Guest, blue funk. Contrary to his take, there are many who voted for Mr. Trump that are elated beyo… Read more

I'm a spoiled brat. I'm a carpetbagger. I'm an interloping opportunist. Picture it. A packed auditorium on a winter's day in Vermont. It was t… Read more

Love Joe Benning's 'Matters of the State 2.0'. I wish Colin (Kaepernick) would be able to read it. Read more

I really liked your feature story on millennials returning to the Northeast Kingdom.   As someone who grew up in St. Johnsbury,  graduated fro… Read more

I agree with everything Ed Guest wrote in his September column. My only, desperate I agree, response is “look at the other option.” Neither is… Read more