The lower right picture is of shaggy ink caps. The one that’s blackened has gone by but when white like the front one we pick and eat- very good. We cook them - saute them - don't eat them raw. Also, they have a very short shelf life and spoil quickly within a few hours. So pick them when they are nice and white - a little tan coloring like the lower one in the picture is fine, but not when they start to darken. We pick them white, clean them, and cook them as soon as possible. When cooked they will keep in the refrigerator for a day or so, but we use them as soon as possible - on pizza or in sauce or however we'd use mushrooms from the store. Raw ink caps - even kept in the fridge will literally break down/turn to ink in a very short time. I've read that a relative of the shaggy ink cap does not mix with alcohol and if you've consumed it within a day or two of the ink caps it can make you sick, so some people to be safe don't eat shaggy ink caps within a day or two of consuming alcohol. We don't drink, so that's never been an issue. We aren’t familiar with the other ones. Hope someone else out there is.