travis reed flower brook

Mountain biker Travis Reed looks at a new section of trail near Flower Brook Road and Victory Road.

Kingdom Trails in East Burke boasts 100-plus miles of popular mountain bike trails. Recently, the organization added roughly three new miles of hand-built trails aimed at improving safety and connecting a few popular routes.

Prior to the new trails, called "the Flower Brook Connection," bikers used Route 114 to connect popular trails like Moose Alley and White School to the Moose Haven network located a few miles down the road in East Haven.

“The connection last year was Highway 114 with cars and logging trucks, and this offers a route that is off the highway, and trail users don’t have to worry about speeding cars or driver-rider conflict,” said Trail Manager CJ Scott.

The Flower Brook Connection was built to connect the Moose Haven trails, which opened last year, to Flower Brook Road, Victory Road, and the Moose Alley and Moose Deuce Trails.

Bikers can park at the Moose Haven Trailhead (East Haven School) and ride Black Bear, Stormin’ Norman and others to a new section of trail that connects to Flower Brook Road and Victory Road.

A little over a mile west on Victory Road will bring riders to a junction where they can access the lower sections of Moose Alley, Moose Deuce or a new 2-plus mile trail that meanders through the woods parallel to Route 114 and ends back at the Moose Haven network.

Look for more information in the October issue of the North Star Monthly.