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The Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife owns over 80 Wildlife Management Areas totaling over 118,000 acres throughout Vermont. Management of these areas particularly emphasizes the conservation of fish, wildlife and their habitat, and provides people with opportunities to enjoy these resources through fish and wildlife based outdoor activities. The following lists WMAs in the Northeast Kingdom.

Averys Gore

Open to regulated hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing and located in the town of Montgomery. Accessed from a parking area on the west side of Route 118 in Montgomery, near Highland Springs Road. Its 259 acres are forested with red and sugar maple, yellow birch and beech. It borders Atlas Timberland Partnership lands which are open to public hunting, fishing and trapping.

Averill Mountain

A 510-acre parcel of land located in the town of Norton. It lies 2.8 miles east of Norton village on the north side of Route 114, and encompasses a large portion of Averill Mountain. It is bordered on three sides by private lands and its northern border is Canada. Access to this WMA is by foot travel only, at the discretion of private landowners along Route 114. There is no legal right-of-way.


Bald Hill

Open to regulated hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing. A 932-acre tract of land surrounding the Bald Hill Fish Culture Station. The area is located in the middle of the Northeast Kingdom in the towns of Newark and Westmore, between the villages of West Burke and Island Pond. Access the southern end of the WMA by parking at the Fish Culture Station. Bald Hill Pond Fishing Access is at the end of Bald Hill Pond Road.

Bill Sladyk

A 9,493-acre parcel of land located eight miles north of Island Pond on Route 114. It ranges from Norton Pond northwest to the Canadian Border just north of Holland Pond. Access the western side of the WMA from Holland Pond Road. There is a boat access on the pond and also parking at the northern end of the pond. Accessed from the southeast from Hurricane Brook Road where there are parking areas and a wildlife viewing area.

Calendar Brook

A 413-acre parcel located in the town of Sutton, just west of the village near the Sheffield-Sutton town line. The access and parking lot for this WMA is located on Union House Road. Open to regulated hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing.


Eagle Point

A 420-acre parcel located along the eastern shore of Lake Memphremagog on the United States-Canada border, in Derby Vermont. The WMA is located approximately five miles north of Newport City on the Eagle Point Road. The property consists of nearly a mile of lake shore habitat, numerous wetlands, large meadows, hemlock and mixed forest. It supports a great diversity of wildlife including aquatic mammals, waterfowl, grassland birds, and many other wetland and terrestrial species. The parcel offers excellent wildlife-based public use opportunities, and angling access to lake the Johns River mouth and Hall’s Creek. The property is open to public use for hunting, fishing, hiking and wildlife watching.

Levi Pond

Open to regulated hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing. A 262-acre parcel consisting of 24-acre Levi Pond and 238 acres of surrounding land in the town of Groton. The access road, which is suitable only for foot travel, is located at the corners of Marie Orr Road, Mays Cross Road and Goodfellow Road, near Route 302 in Groton. Access is at the discretion of private landowners, as there is no legal right-of-way to this WMA.

Roy Mountain

A 1,590-acre parcel located within the towns of Barnet and Ryegate, ranges from the top of Roy Mountain, west to Jewett Pond, and south to the shores of Upper and Lower Symes Ponds. Use the parking area on Roy Mountain Road for foot access. Lower Symes Pond boat access is off Hunt Mill Road in Ryegate.

South Bay

Comprised of publicly and privately-owned lands in Newport. Located primarily in two separate blocks totaling 1,813 acres. Both blocks are dominated by wetland complexes where large meandering rivers (the Barton and the Black) enter South Bay. Access can be had from three boat accesses and roads on three sides. Open to regulated hunting, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing. Trapping is limited to some areas.


Steam Mill Brook

Open to regulated hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing. A 10,826-acre tract lying in the towns of Walden, Stannard, Wheelock and Danville. The WMA can be accessed from a number of places including Stannard Mountain Road, Coles Pond Road in Walden and Danville, and Rock Road.

Victory Basin

A 4,970-acre wetland and forest complex located 15 miles northeast of St. Johnsbury in the town of Victory. Access areas are located along Victory Road, a dirt road that bisects the WMA and follows the Moose River from North Concord to Gallup Mills. Open to regulated hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing.


A 1,993-acre parcel located in the town of Ferdinand. Primary access from the north is provided by Route 105 (which parallels the Nulhegan River), and from the south and east by South America Pond Road. WMA is 7.5 miles east and 8.5 miles west of the villages of Island Pond and Bloomfield, respectively. There is a parking area on Route 105.

West Mountain

A 22,971-acre parcel located in the towns of Maidstone, Ferdinand and Brunswick, the WMA ranges north from Maidstone Lake to Route 105, and east from South America Pond to the Connecticut River. Access is available along miles of dirt roads. Main entry points are South America Pond Road off Route 105, and Maidstone Lake and Paul Stream Roads off Route 102. West Mountain WMA is open to regulated hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing.

Willoughby Falls

Open to regulated hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing. Comprised of 610 acres of land the WMA is part of a group of lands that includes stream bank fishing access property, a waterfall site, and contiguous parcels forming one large tract. The lands lie north of the village of Orleans, at the confluence of the Willoughby and Barton Rivers, in the towns of Barton, Browington and Irasburg. There is a parking area at Willoughby Falls. Additionally, two other parking areas give access to the main part of the WMA.