A generation ago, it was rare to find women working the forested landscape. Today they are often leaders in the field, protecting its health, developing products, and tying workers and landowners together across the region.

Neither age nor gender slows them down. Colleen Goodridge, a mentor to many, points to Vermont’s farming legacy as the roots. “On the farm we never talked about a job for a man or a woman,” she says. “It was getting the job done and doing a good job.” On a wider scale, “One of the things about Vermonters is, we wear many hats, and we can adapt when needed. You do what you need to do, to get the job done.”

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Kim Lemieux

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Lemieux family logging acquired one of the first two hydraulic loaders in the region, thanks to Kim’s father-in-law “Ned” Lionel Lemieux.

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Diana Frederick

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Emily Meacham

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Colleen Goodridge