11-Maddox at Chef Nadav by Marcy.jpg

Maddox Wilson reaches out with Mediterranean delights provided by Chef Nadav Mille, at the grill, and his wife Bru Mille. Photo by Marcy Patridge.

Showcasing the arts through Gallery Strolls and crowd-sourced creative projects has been part of the collaborative creative sector’s approach all along. Food trucks, though, brought a fresh surprise.

“The interest we’ve seen in the food trucks pop-up sort of blew me away,” said Sewake. More of them, like the ones from Rocky’s NY Style Hot Dogs, Maria’s Kusina, and Libbey’s Meat Market, took part in Final Friday street fairs. “Railroad Street doesn’t have the dining capacity [for the Final Friday events] without the food trucks,” she explained.

9-Food trucks pop-up by Marcy.jpg

Food trucks “pop-up” at the Three Rivers Path Trailhead Pavilion in St. Johnsbury on weekdays. Photo by Marcy Patridge.

10-Lady Shaye and Marty by Marcy.jpg

Lady Shaye and her husband Marty Hunsacker serve up “Soulful Sustenance” from their food truck. Photo by Marcy Patridge.

8-Artwork of Andrea Poe On Display in Art and Joy by Marcy.jpg

Andrea Poe’s paintings engaged visitors to Art & Joy during the Gallery Stroll as part of Final Fridays. Photo by Marcy Patridge.