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Floods in Vermont are most likely to occur in three conditions: heavy rains from large storms like tropical storm Irene in 2011 or the great flood of 1927; intense rain from summer thunderstorms; and sudden snowmelt that can be greatly exacerbated by the formation of ice jams at catch points… Read moreBe alert for spring floods

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You may recall the chilly day and night of Friday, Feb. 3, when the thermometer dropped like a rock to minus 24 degrees and the wind blew like fury. On Saturday the sun came out and the thermometer slowly rebounded, reaching minus five by the time I went out on my skis. By Sunday winter had … Read moreOuch! My tips broke off

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As a child, Steve Wakefield played behind the historic home of Danville’s most famous Civil War soldier. “I looked up at the house and I swore I saw Addison Preston in the upstairs window looking down at me,” he remembered. Now, an effort is underway to bring Preston’s uniform to Danville an… Read moreA fascinating tale of a Civil War hero’s uniform and how it took the long way home

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