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Yucky water is not pleasant. Toxic blue-green algae blooms are downright dangerous. Vermont’s reputation for a clean environment has been sullied by the realization that we have some major water quality problems that are due in large part to the way we use the land. Taxpayers have forked ove… Read more

Last September, hooked rug artist Delsie Hoyt donated a wooden box to the Waterford Historical Society, a farming artifact handed down in her family. “Return to C. R. Hoyt, Lyndonville, Vt.” Was written on it in bold blue-black painted script. And on the end, in stenciled “type,” was the lab… Read more

I live just four miles as the crow flies north of Harveys Lake, and 500 feet higher than the surface of the lake. From the hills nearby one looks out over the Harveys Lake basin, with Roy Mountain rising gradually on the east, Blue Mountain a couple of miles south, and the steep face of Harv… Read more

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