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An expanding area around the modest village of East Burke and nearby Darling Hill has been transformed into one of the Northeast’s premier mountain biking destinations, thanks to the foresight of a visionary group of people who came together 25 years ago to create the Kingdom Trails Associat… Read more

Last month I wrote about local roads, their classifications, vulnerabilities, and culverts. This month I’ll examine how gravel roads are put together and how are torn apart. Read more

Off the beaten path, on Oneida Road in Danville, a tall man stands in the middle of the road directing drivers to a small, gravel parking lot. Two food trucks, parked nearby, serve burritos and tacos to a lively crowd as music plays from the opening of a large barn. Inside is a tasting room,… Read more

We call them dirt roads, but these days, most are made of gravel. Tourists tend to drive around Vermont on paved roads like Route 2, or Route 5. The really adventurous might head down the Peacham Danville Road or up the Bruce Badger Memorial Highway. There are even a few local residents who … Read more

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The week Catherine and I thought we would have together in San Francisco vanished almost as … Read more