The Vermont Department of Health has awarded the town of Danville a $13,000 grant through it’s Quick Build for Health program.

The grant program aims to support "quick build" projects that are small in scale and quick to implement that can complement long-term transportation infrastructure improvements in a community.

In Danville, the Quick Build for Health award will go towards improving bicycle and pedestrian amenities including purchasing bike racks that will soon be distributed throughout Danville, as well as a bike repair and water station at the Danville Train Depot, which sits at the intersection of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) and Peacham Road.

The addition of bike amenities is a fast and effective way to make cyclists feel welcome. The grant program aims to support state-wide goals of improving rates of physical activity and healthy eating to prevent chronic conditions. Research shows when communities design their environment for safe walking and biking (bike lanes, sidewalks, crossings, signage) people are more likely to engage in these activities. These community-based strategies for active living have been shown to have positive impacts on public health outcomes and improve quality of life.

The funding comes as the Master Planning Process for village connectivity between West Danville, Danville and the Lamoille Rail Trail is well under way through the Better Connections Program funded by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development and the Agency of Transportation.  

Temporary signs are being used to determine locations for future permanent signs and to identify any missing gaps in the wayfinding system.

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