Riverside graduation 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 for The Riverside School. Pictured are Back L-R: Maaike Dam, Ethan Spence, Donovan Randall. Middle L-R: Charlie Balcom, Lacey Patoine, Josie Rowell. Front L-R: Henry Griffin, CJ Hunt, Gus Yerkes, Teagan Desrochers, and Eliza Noel.

The Riverside School was pleased to welcome students and parents on Saturday, June 6 for the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020. The ceremony, for eleven graduates, was held outside at the Riverside School with social distancing and each student was called individually to receive their diploma. The members of the Class of 2020 are Charlie Balcom, Maaike Dam, Teagan Desrochers, Henry Griffin, CJ Hunt, Eliza Noel, Lacey Patoine, Donovan Randall, Josie Rowell, Ethan Spence, and Gus Yerkes.

A committee of faculty members planned a special version of Riverside’s graduation that met health guidelines while honoring Riverside’s traditions. At 10 a.m. the school released a video that included photos, music, speeches, awards, and recognition of the 8th graders on an online platform. At 1 p.m. faculty, 8th graders, and their families met at Riverside for a physically-distant conferring of diplomas around the cedars, which was broadcast live on an online video platform.

Nancy Phillips served as the graduation speaker and spoke to graduates via an online platform. She served as a teacher at The Riverside School for ten years from 2005-2015. Phillips started her career at Riverside as a part-time 5th grade language arts teacher. She moved to full-time in 2006 as the combined 4th-5th grade teacher, instructing in the library and then the carriage house. From 2011 to 2015, she was the combined K-1st grade teacher. Phillips was the K-1st grade teacher when the Riverside’s kindergarten program started, and those students are now representing the Class of 2020.

Head of School Michelle Ralston, who will be retiring this year, shared words of gratitude with the Riverside faculty, students, and the Riverside community. She presented flower arrangements to teachers who are retiring or leaving Riverside and wished all a happy and healthy summer.

Graduation was preceded with a parade during the late morning of Friday, June 5th where 8th graders and staff stood around the cedar circle on campus while friends and families of PreK-7th grade drove around the loop to share best wishes for a happy future.

2020 Awards

Academic Improvement - Isla Boles ‘25, Jeronimo Deyhle ‘22, Zoë Glentz Brush ‘21, Simon Miller ‘21

Arts - Molly Aeberhard ‘23, Pearl Aeberhard ‘23, Annie Alexander ‘22, Charlie Balcom ‘20, Isla Boles ‘25, Micah Killam ‘25, Maceo Kramar ‘22, Macy Moore ‘22, Phoenix Newell ‘26, Lacey Patoine ‘20. Donovan Randall ‘20, Chris Watson ‘21.

Athletics - Gabe Adams ‘24, Carter Amidon ‘26, Zoe Bunnell ‘26, Alice Keller ‘27, Paul Patoine ‘28, Trixie Shackleton ‘21, Gabi Young ‘23

Citizenship - Kellan Bristol ‘24, Zoe Bunnell ‘26, Adrienne Desrochers ‘22, Teagan Desrochers ‘22, Louisa Linehan ‘25, Harper Smyth ‘21

Boswell Math and Science Award - Cora Adams ‘25, Annie Alexander ‘22, Sylvan Balcom ‘23, Emily Counter ‘21, Ben Holder ‘27, CJ Hunt ‘20, Eli Michalski ‘28, Kingston Newell, 23, Trixie Shackleton ‘21, Ethan Spence ‘20, Julia Spence ‘23

Lindbergh-Newell Humanities Award - Annie Alexander ‘22, Josie Rowell ‘20, Harper Smyth ‘21

Koehne World Language Award - Peregrine Bongaarts Weiss ‘28, Kellan Bristol ‘24, Esme Cobb ‘23, Maaike Dam ‘20, Anika Giese ‘21, Sam Keith ‘22, Conall Kennedy ‘25, Phoenix Newell ‘26, Eliza Noel ‘21

Young Heron Award - Esme Cobb ‘23, Sawyer Daffinrud ‘24

Janus Award - Ethan Lussier ‘21

8th Grade Awards

Founders Cup of the Arts - Maaike Dam, Eliza Noel

Thompson Award for Athletics - Teagan Desrochers, Henry Griffin, Gus Yerkes

Mary Williams Academic Excellence - Maaike Dam

Heron Award - Henry Griffin, Josie Rowell

Founders Bowl - Maaike Dam, CJ Hunt