KTA PArking Map

Thank you for your patience as Kingdom Trails wishes to reopen cautiously with the health and safety of our landowners, staff, community members, and trail users as the priority. We recognize outdoor recreation is an important part of our region’s economy and crucial to people’s physical and mental well-being, especially amidst this time of crisis. Please know we have sought consultation from our landowners, community, and with health professionals in creating this plan. The COVID-19 situation is ever evolving, therefore we ask you to understand that this plan is subject to evolve as well. To help each other stay safe and keep our trails open please follow the policies presented here.

  • Ride with Gratitude - Abide by our new Code of Conduct; Respect this Gift, Protect Nature, Care for Others, Set the Example
  • Know Before You Go – Read, understand, and follow all KTA COVID-19 policies prior to visiting.
  • Become a Member - KTA is only selling Annual Memberships. Please purchase online, in advance as our Welcome Center is not open.
  • Stay Close to Home – Governor Scott stated, “outdoor facilities are only open to Vermonters and those who have met the 14-day quarantine requirement.” Out-of-state visitors MUST self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving in VT and before recreating.
  • Park & Pinch Points – Only park and access the trails in KTA designated areas. You are not allowed to park or access the network from any other locations.
  • Ambassadors Will Ask - A KTA Ambassador will be at each parking & pinch point to advise you of our new operating policies. In compliance with the State’s quarantine order, Ambassadors will ask where you are from and if you have self-quarantined. We look forward to welcoming back visitors from our neighboring states and beyond, but if you have not self-quarantined, you will be turned away. Please do not risk the generosity of our landowners and community by breaching this trust.
  • Party of One – Ride solo or in small groups, only with people with whom you have been in quarantine.
  • Keep Your Distance & Slow the Spread – While on trail, maintain a physical distance of at least two bike lengths or 6ft on foot. Keep a mask and gloves on you for any kind of interaction with other trail users.
  • I Saw the Sign – Carefully observe all trail signs and abide by restricted access boundaries and our landowner’s wishes on their private property. Download the updated trail map using the ONDAGO app or the PDF version here.
  • Everyone Yield & Yell - When you are about to pass another trail user, announce your presence, get off your bike, keep maximum distance of at least 6ft. Please be patient with and respect each other, it’s not a race.
  • Keep it Chill – Recreate well within your limits to help avoid injury. We do not wish to take essential resources away from our first responders or hospital.
  • Play, Don’t Stay – Please do not congregate in the parking lot before/after rides or at intersections/transitioning areas on trails.

TRUST - As those who have visited and/or frequented our trail system know, we have operated on an honor system for trail use and respect for the land and each other. With the very serious and life threatening nature of this virus, we cannot and will not risk the health and well-being of our community. We have a common interest in strictly adhering to these rules, which is the mutual enjoyment of the trails and the necessary release and sanctuary that recreating outside provides. But, more critically important than that common interest, is a shared obligation to really take care of each other--the KTA staff, our landowners, first responders, health care workers, the sick or vulnerable, those in recovery, your neighbors, fellow residents and outdoor enthusiasts. It only takes one person to violate this common trust. Please, everyone do your part for the greater good and ensure that we can safely keep the trails open.