openign day trouble

Normally, opening day trouble would mean bad news, but for Mike and Dayna Boudreau, owners of the Great Vermont Corn Maze, it is actually great news. To celebrate the 21st year of their maze attraction, the Boudreaus have created their first children's book entitled "Opening Day Trouble." The 27-page, full color book tells the story of trouble in the maze petting zoo on opening day while highlighting many of the iconic sights within the largest maze in New England.

"After 21 years, we now have third generation mazers visiting the maze and some who have challenged the maze almost every year since we opened," said Mike. "We wanted to do something special for all of our mazers and this book is something that families can share with each other. "While we design entirely new mazes every year and add new surprises every year, there are numerous unique things within the the maze that our mazers look forward to seeing every year."

Some of the unique creations that are included in the book are an 8' tall Minotaur, a full size metal alien spaceship, a life-size bear trap, the world's first Barnyard Golf, dinosaurs, the PRETENDIN Play Area and even a 28' cabin cruiser that "floats" on top of the 12' tall corn.

As with most of the Boudreau's creations, the couple works as a team with Mike unleashing his imagination and Dayna editing, refining and organizing the final product. The children's book was no different. Mike wrote and illustrated the original story and Dayna helped to touch up the story and the pictures. The book is a great way for visitors to relive memories of their maze adventure but is also just a fun story for everyone.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze opens August 1, 2019 and the book can be purchased at the maze during regular business hours or direct from their website:

A children's book is the newest creation from the Boudreau's who have created numerous unique creations over the past 21 years.

Danville couple, Mike and Dayna Boudreau, have spent the last 21 years creating unique attractions on their 5th generation family farm. Their creations include the largest corn maze in New England. A general positioning system for mazers who challenge the maze. the world's first Barnyard Golf which includes a 7' sling shot and outhouse basketball, the PRETENDIN Play Area for young children - which includes 100' of underground tunnels. A custom 8' tall Minotaur, a 28' cabin cruiser that "floats" on top of the 12' tall corn and numerous, humorous online videos. The mile long haunted event - DEAD NORTH including all the terrifying scenes, animatronics and special effects. The kid's haunted event - CREEPY Farm.

The Great Vermont Corn Maze is the largest maze in New England. Covering 24 acres, with over 100' of bridges, and even an underground tunnel, there are 2 mazes and a variety of other activities. Visitors are encouraged to arrive in August when the corn conditions are at their best and the maze is the most challenging. Due to the size and complexity of the maze, it is recommended for visitors to arrive early in the day. The maze opens August 1 every year. For more information, visit

If you would like more information about Opening Day Trouble, please contact Mike at or call 802-748-1399