grandview apartments

Grandview Apartments will soon be getting $105,000 worth of upgrades aimed at making the 10-unit senior housing structure in Danville village more efficient.

At a July 13 meeting, the volunteer trustees who comprise Danville Senior Citizen Housing, Inc., voted to borrow funds for the purpose of purchasing and installing heat pumps, sealing and insulating the basement, crawl space and attic; replacing doors and windows; and changes to the hot water system. These measures are the result of an energy audit performed by Fritz Fay, of 3E Thermal, earlier this year.

“The board has made a big decision to remortgage the property in order to bring about energy efficiency measures to offset our largest expense: electricity,” said Trustee Jenness Ide.

The building currently uses electric baseboard heaters as a primary heat source, leading to annual electricity costs of around $16,000.

It was a difficult decision for the trustees, as the original mortgage for the building has been paid off since 1989. This has allowed the nonprofit organization to charge rents below market value, according to Ide.

In 1967 when the building opened, residents were charged $100 a month. Thirty years later, the rent has increased to $500 per month. The building currently has a waiting list of 25 people. Aside from having to be at least 62 years old and able to live independently, residents are chosen from the list using three criteria: income, seniority on the list; and ties to the Danville community. The organization has an annual budget of $55,000.

The nonprofit organization, which started as a project for the Danville Congregational Church’s men’s group, was formed back in 1965. The land Grandview Apartments sits on was donated by Danville resident Monsignor Fox and the construction of the building evolved into an ecumenical project with all churches donating time, talent and money.

The organization recently received financial support from the North Danville Baptist and Danville Congregational Churches, but additional support is needed to maintain low rents. Anyone interested in contributing is encouraged to contact the organization at (802) 748-3642 or visit

Trustees: Chair Tom Ziobrowski, Sharon Daniell, Lynda Farrow, Laura Goguen, Dave Hare, Jenness Ide and Gloria Tillotson.