Temporary painted advisory shoulders and signage are being installed on a .3 mile stretch of Peacham Road this summer to provide traffic calming, bicycle facilities and pedestrian safety improvements.

The advisory shoulders will begin at the Danville School drive and extend to the entrance of the Town Recreation Fields. Advisory shoulders are an experimental road treatment being tested in communities across the country on streets that are otherwise too narrow for traditional bike lanes. An advisory shoulder looks like dedicated bike lanes, except a dashed line is used in place of a solid bike lane stripe. These markings give bicyclists and pedestrians a designated area to ride and walk, but are also available to vehicles if space is needed to pass oncoming traffic. Advisory shoulders bring greater awareness to the roadway as a shared space and can help to reduce vehicle speeds and improve roadway safety.

This project stems from the development of the Danville Activity Center Master Plan. With the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) at its core, the plan outlines transportation alternatives and economic development recommendations for Danville. To jump start implementation, the town was awarded a grant from the Vermont Department of Health in 2019 that funded small-scale healthy community design projects. Last summer new bike racks were installed around town, and a bike repair station and water access was installed at Danville’s Historic Railroad Station located on the LVRT.

The work will continue again this summer with new landscaping at the Railroad Station and the start of the advisory shoulder pilot study. The pilot study will continue for a three-month testing period. A full evaluation of the project will be completed in the fall.

Please visit the project website at www.v2v-danvillevt.org to learn more.