Vermont-based entertainer Rusty DeWees is producing himself as "The Logger" for three shows.

The first show is Sept. 19 at Craftsbury Common, then to Danville for two shows, Sept. 20 and 27, and Milton on Oct. 4.

“I’ll play the Gazebo shows Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m., rain or shine, bring your own chair," said DeWees, "and yes folks, these shows are rated NZ - Not Zoom. We’ll do it while staying healthy."

Rusty will tell stories old and new, play guitar, sing, and get you going with rhythmic delivery.

“I love working back and forth with willing and or unsuspecting audience members," said DeWees. "Lots of folks in the audience are some funny themselves.”

Town Hall theatres are off limits to rent now, which prompted DeWees to take his show outside before he looses his touch.

“I ain’t lost it yet," he said. "Come see at a gazebo this fall and check the weather cause even with globe warmin’ it can get nippsterly come September.”

Self-producing has been a boon for DeWees through the years, he says.

“I don’t wait to be hired, I self produce. Through this shutdown when the time was right, and it is now with guidelines, I was hoping to acquire town greens to see if folks would come out.Vermonters are a hearty lot. I’m pretty sure they’re going to come out … and oh, flatlanders are welcome if they like to laugh and tap their feet Vermont style, for not much dough-re-mi.”

Tickets are available at thelogger.com, or by calling (802) 793-1901