For years Andrew Hepburn has traveled through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and parts of Canada – to coastal sites, ponds and streams- photographing images of rocks and water, which, though realistic and representational, border on the abstract...and render them strange - something else.

A photography show by Hepburn is now at the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum through November. Selected and installed by Bob Joly, director of the Athenaeum, the photographs are in the Hall Gallery on the second floor.

An artist talk and reception will take place on Thursday, Oct. 18 from 7-9 p.m. Hepburn will speak briefly about abstracting images from nature, elements of design - line, color and texture and composition.

“I always look forward to a freewheeling, back and forth discussion and informal sharing of reactions to my work,” says Hepburn. “As a teenager, I was weaned on a Pentax camera using Tri X film - I loved the grainy rough texture - I canoed past giant granite boulders on Mountainy Pond near Bangor Maine. Now, at 78, with a Canon Rebel T5, I have returned, in a way, to rocks and water… trying to find forms that are transforming – changing – fraught with conflict yet with harmony…lines, textures, forms and colors that – though still – move. To take a picture is one be taken by an image is another.”