'About What Remains,' works by Sharon Kenney Biddle will be on display Oct 1-Nov. 21 in the Back Room Gallery at Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild.

Many people in the Northeast Kingdom know Sharon Kenney Biddle as their elementary or high school art teacher at Danville School. Many others throughout New England know her also for her professional work as an artist, adult teacher, workshop presenter and extensive gallery exhibitions. Her community work, from Catamount Arts to education and local committees is part of her far reaching influence, in the art of living and giving.

Sharon Kenney Biddle exemplifies the wonderful status of artist—one is always on a journey, teaching and learning, each step, each painting, sculpture, book, a creation of exploration. This spirit of discovery envelopes her new exhibit, About What Remains, at Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild. She writes:

“My interest in old stuff and end-of-the-season remnants increases as I grow older. This appreciation has inspired me to paint such subjects as ancient stones, broken birdhouses, discarded vehicles, and changing, sometimes lonely landscapes.

It has been inspiring as an artist, to come back to watercolor as a method for creating the textures and atmosphere suggested by what is used and set aside, outdated and worn, overgrown and overblown. “

The exhibit pairs the paintings with, assemblage and handmade books, “structures I’ve used over decades to extend and vary surface effects in my work. The pieces that come out of this process seem to naturally pair with the watercolors. Sometimes even short poetry takes its part.”

The Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild is open daily Wednesday through Saturday from 11-5 at 430 Railroad Street in St. Johnsbury.