Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild will present “The Artristic Universe of Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr.” from March 2 through April 18 in its Back Room Gallery on Railroad Strxeet in St. Johnsbury.

Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr. is a well-known painter, kinetic sculptor, book illustrator, art educator and political cartoonist who has been exhibiting regionally since 1978. From 1981 to 2012, he was the art teacher at the Browns River Middle School and continues teaching at Studio Space Arts in Barre. As past president of the Northern Vermont Artist Association from 1995 to 2011, he continues to serve as the NVAA’s Vice President.

Many know Robert from his controversial political cartoon strip “Mr. Brunelle Explains It All,” appearing weekly in Seven Days, and monthly in Funny Times and Humor Times. He is a charter member of the Vermont Comic Creators Group.

Brunelle is also a proud seventh generation Vermonter, born in Rutland in 1958. His talent blossomed from a long line of artists including a great-grandfather, great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather.

“I count among my art heroes Peter Brueghel, Goya, Daumier, Robert Crumb, Charles Dana Gibson, Thomas Hart Benton and Edward Gorey,” Brunelle says. “The artist who has had the greatest influence upon my work, however, is the great Edward Hopper, to whom I am often compared.”

“Like Hopper, I am interested in urban landscapes, old houses, and the loneliness of modern life,” Brunelle said. “I am also interested in history, the passage of time and the crumbling relics of the Victorian world. I like colors that are rich and deep, and, like my hero Hopper, I want to “paint sunlight on the side of a house.”

At this exhibit you will find many examples of the play of light upon buildings, in a sky, filled with the energy of impending storm, or brilliant sun awakening the landscape of our Vermont lives. His paintings are like a well-tuned song, harmonic and full, ready to be sung with your eyes, in mind and heart. You will also find a sculpture, drawing, painting, or comic strip that fills you with humor, bubbling, in wit, like a brook freeing from winter ice, surging with life.

Meet the artist on March 6 from 4 to 6 p.m. Brunelle will give a short talk and answer questions

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