Local writer releases horror fiction book

Crystal Matthew, of Barton, has released a new book, “The Sacrament," a horror fiction book with strong occult themes.

After many years of traveling, Matthews returned to Vermont and settled down with her family. Growing up in Vermont, she had always been an avid writer, and was encouraged by teachers to pursue her passion. In 2016, she started writing again after many years of the skill lying dormant. Both books that she has released are set in the Northeast Kingdom.

Her first book, Vision, was released in January of this year, and is a paranormal crime thriller that centers around a psychic detective helping to find a kidnapped girl. It is a book recommended for teens and adults.

“The Sacrament," released last month, is a horror novel that plays on the childhood fears that we all have of evil forces at work, and the eerie tales we all remember being told around a campfire. It is a book recommended for mature readers due to adult content, violence, and terrifying situations.

Avid horror fans will enjoy the supernatural fear that is poured into every chapter, which jumps from the historical 19th century to a modern day setting to tell a complex and exciting story. There are strong demonology undercurrents as a literal war is waged between good and evil throughout the novel.

Matthew is currently working on a third book, Mirror Image, which features another type of paranormal concept: doppelgangers.

This book is scheduled to be released at the end of summer 2017.

Matthew's books can be found on Amazon, and signed copies are also available directly through the author, whose author page is at amazon.com/author/crystalmatthew.