The Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild presents “Magic & Mysteries: Painting & Puppets,” by Julia Zanes, in the ack Room Gallery Aug. 7 through Sept. 26.

Discover childhood dreams and adult fantasies in Julia Zane’s Rhapsodic Paintings.

“Many of my paintings involve narrative,” says Zanes. “Even my more abstract is, I believe narrative in character. If there is any one tendency that runs through all experiences in life, whether waking or dreaming, it is the will to narrate. To tell the story is part of the mind’s process. Sometimes the stories we create have a linear quality, at other times they emerge almost as a riddle. But, always, there is story. As has been said of Scheherazade’s mindset in one of my favorite texts, One Thousand and One Nights: ‘Narrate or die.’ That may seem a bit extreme, but I think the situation is often just that.”

Come and enjoy the stories that these works will conjure in your mind, open the eyes of your inner child and blossom, once again.