Catamount Arts has been so inundated with online submissions for “What’s Your Art?,” an upcoming arts and creativity showcase, that organizers have decided to extend the deadline to September 1st. The virtual showcase, open to anyone who’d like to participate, aims to celebrate the vast variety of creative talent right here in the community.

With audiences currently unable to gather as usual, Catamount’s “What’s Your Art?” showcase reminds people that there are many exciting ways to participate in the arts, including making and sharing your own. “Folks have been sharing their woodcarving, murals, etching, choreography, marble carvings, jewelry, and songwriting skills,” says Molly Stone of Catamount Arts. Stone and Catamount Arts staffers hope the extended submission deadline will encourage even more participation.

Dozens of participants have submitted work online so far, including dancer Evangeline Bulick, 16, of Dorset; woodcarver Paul Carrick of Boston and Greensboro; dancer Raina Stone of Hardwick; mosaics artist Susan Rosano of Guilford; and paper cutter Carolyn Guest of St. Johnsbury. “Each (submission) comes with its own story,” adds Molly Stone. “Some are spiritual, some personal, and some quite painful.”

Bulick’s “Dance to Freedom” responds to the onset of spring during the pandemic lockdown. Carrick taught himself to carve wood using tools inherited from his father, who collaborated wrote children’s books with Carrick’s mother based on their experiences raising two boys in Greensboro. Raina Stone’s “Thisability” explores her acceptance of the dramatic physical transformation and constant pain she’s endured since being diagnosed with a rare nerve disease after being injured in a head-on collision two decades ago.

“Highlighting the individual creative expressions of our community members reveals the depth of spirit found here in the NEK and beyond,” continues Molly Stone.

The “What’s Your Art? Virtual Art and Creativity Showcase for Everyone” allows participants to upload any family-friendly creative expression they enjoy for inclusion in a celebratory video to be premiered by Catamount Arts at a later date. Online submissions will be accepted through the end of August, and Catamount staff will screen and compile entries for a virtual public screening. Unlike traditional talent shows, there will be no judges, but the public will be invited to vote for their favorite submission in each age group.

For more information about the “What’s Your Art? Virtual Art and Creativity Showcase for Everyone,” or to register to submit a sample of your creativity, visit