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Charles Fergus is the author of A Stranger Here Below, brought out in March by Skyhorse Publishing of New York. We caught up with him during a brief lull in his book tour to talk about his life and work in the Northeast Kingdom, and how he came to write his richly imagined, darkly atmospheric new mystery. Read more

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I grew up with two younger sisters. I thought of them recently when I saw three t-shirts with the sayings, “I’m the oldest – I make the rules; I’m in the middle – I’m the reason we have rules; I’m the youngest – The rules don’t apply to me.” Read more

“They’re from away,” was a description in common use when we first moved to Vermont in 1969. It has been defined as referring to a person born… Read more

Miss Bailey taught history during my senior year at St. Johnsbury Academy. Although it has been 75 years since that time, I can still hear her… Read more

Anyone from another industrialized country might wonder what is going on with America’s health care system. It’s ironic that we have some of t… Read more

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