Reflections on the rise and fall of an iconic trucking company
Not long ago, trucks from St. Johnsbury Trucking Co. were spotted on roadways all over the northeast. The hard work of two brothers and thousands of employees built the company from the ground up ­— driving the regional economy for decades. But in 1993, everything came crashing down. Now, workers are scattered, retired, or employed elsewhere. Buildings have been sold or re-purposed. There isn’t...


Reflections on the rise and fall of an iconic trucking company
St. J Players
The spring production of Love, Sex and the IRS. will be performed by the St. Johnsbury Players in May.
Performance at St. Johnsbury School Auditorium
The Green Mountain Community Solar Farm crew
The Green Mountain Community Solar Farm crew.
Meeting on May 13 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Building in Danville


My last North Star column (April 2015) ended with the phrase, “…there is no Plan(et)B.” Since I wrote that I have seen and heard two things that have...
A while back I was reading Michael Ignatieff’s Atlantic essay on a new biography of Vaclav Havel when I thought, “that’s what we need!” No, not...


How does a sandwich become famous? It has to be delicious, appeal to a wide audience, rarely fail to please anyone’s palette and when done perfectly...
What ever happened to cold patch? I mean that stuff the road crew used to fill pot holes caused by water freezing and thawing on the tarred roads. It...
Cythia DeKett
Cythia DeKett
It’s an enchanting, fantastical world Cynthia DeKett has created for her Three Sisters Trilogy – a magical environment full of physical dangers as...

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