Kari Meyer sees light in the darkness
Slanted light flits across treetops and shines briefly on dew-covered asphalt as I park my car in front of Bentley’s Bakery. There is a sense of awe that vibrates through the rapidly accumulating and foreboding clouds, an unspoken essence of Nature that often repeats itself in the abstract landscapes of Kari Meyer’s art. It is the type of morning that some people may call gloomy, but as Kari...
Conservation with Tim McKay
June 30, 1973 is a day I will always remember. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore years at UVM. I was still a General Studies major, which meant I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was living at home in Williston, where I grew up. My summer job was working on the neighboring dairy farm, just as I had done throughout high school. We milked about 50 cows, which was...
At The Peacham Café
Since August of 2014, The Peacham Cafe, located in Peacham village, has been giving locals the opportunity to kick back and catch up on town happenings, while enjoying a cup of Joe and a bite to eat. When former operator Ariel Devon stepped down as the cafe operator this Spring, Crystal (Mooney) Lapierre, with the help of her twin sister, Shannon Pelletier, accepted the challenge of filling the...

FIRST BUILT in 1806, Samuel Slade Benton constructed this frame house for his wife and children, replacing their original log cabin. From Josiah Henry Benton Jr., “Samuel Slade Benton and His Ancestors and Descendants” (1901, Merrymount Press). Courtesy photo.
The Tale of a Waterford Farm
In the northwest corner of Waterford, where the Daniels Farm and Simpson Brook Roads meet, stands a picturesque white house with black shutters and wrap-around porch. Its flower gardens and scattered outbuildings speak of settled comfort and deep roots. But few driving past the “Benton-Simpson-Fleming-Turek” farm, as it’s listed in the Vermont Barn Census, would guess how far back the stories of...


Aim to create larger college with two distinct campuses
Kari Meyer sees light in the darkness
Conservation with Tim McKay


I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I’m facing the next few months of this election year with a fair amount of anxiety. Maybe I should stop...
Memory is a very special human quality. We know that other species have memory too but, for humans, memory is what connects us to the past. Not just...


Great Britain may issue its own declaration of independence, this time from the European Union (EU). The referendum looms as this column goes to...
The 18th Amendment, which established Prohibition, was submitted to the states by Congress December 18, 1917 and ratified by the 36th state January...
It eliminates heat in your kitchen, adds a new dimension to your repertoire of dishes and reminds your family that the lazy days of summer have...

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