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One step at a time

April 12, 2021, will be my first day through-hiking the Appalachian Trail. I have dreamed of hiking the 2,200 mile-long trail since high school and now is my chance to make that dream come true. Read more

Follow the Money

Theo Epstein, former general manager of the Red Sox and then the Cu… Read more


People have always needed ways to explain what they do not understand about the world around them. Recently, seeing a movie production of Will… Read more

Life is a Journey

The fatigue experienced by the pandemic, now over a year old, is wearing on people. You see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. People are tired of wearing masks, not seeing family members or friends, wondering how they will pay bills, buy groceries, take care of family members who are sick, and keep themselves well in the face of everything else they have to deal with. Read more


While my mother is feeling isolated in her Illinois suburb, I am surrounded by the caring community of Barnet. Read more

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